Me, speeding?

Now a little tale about Myself and a Snow Drop. Just after arriving on the Island, legs still a vivid shade of white and hairless of knee, the Chief Stores P.O, asked me to go up to Main Camp for some spares. He made it quite clear that he didn't want me to get back too early. The idea being, it would be too late to start a new job that day. "Make a good run ashore of it he said". Only too happy to oblige, off I went. After picking the spares up at the Airfield, I called at the J.N.C.O's mess in the Main camp, spending a happy hour chewing the fat with a couple of Army bods. Only cha and cheese butties you understand!. It was about 16.30 when I set off back to the Port, knowing it would be too late for a new job to start. I put my foot down a little, not too fast just enough to create a nice cooling breeze on my face, when to my surprise in the rear view mirror I see this motorbike. I didn't know there were any on the Island. He was coming up pretty fast as well. I noticed he had a white helmet on but thought nothing of it. Being brand new as it were, I thought he wanted to have a little race, so I put my flip flop down and provided him with a little competition. Bad move as it turns out. He was only a R.A.F copper, lucky old me!. Anyway acting the raw prawn, I stuck my arm out and waved him on. He drew alongside and starts pointing to the side of the road. So I waved back, by this time his face had turned to a rather bad shade of puce, so I thought I had better stop before he had an heart attack.. When I stopped, he came marching over with a face like thunder. "In a bloody hurry Private" he roared. That was showing the red flag to the bull "Private" I say "I'm a bloody Marine mate". "don't care if your a bloody Coldstream Guard" he said sweetly "You were f****** Speeding. "Speeding" I said, "Didn't know there was a speed limit on this piece of coral. and besides we are the only People on this road for miles". "You have been breaking the limit for the last two miles" he said. Seeing his face getting redder I thought I had better change tack and said "Sorry Corp, Ill keep it mind next time". "You taking the P***", he said. Name, number and unit. Now that's when I should have given what he asked, and could have been on my way, but not being very bright or mebe that tea had been a little strong, I said "Why, do you want to write to me"?. "You what"? he said nearly blowing a gasket, "That's it mate you can just follow to the Port". Never learning I said "Never mind Corp', I know the way". I swear I thought he was going to hit me. Well anyway, off we go to Resolution and wind up outside the M.T.O's shack. The Snow Drop is inside trying his best to have me executed. I'm stood outside having a fag. Anyway, I'm wheeled in expecting the worst. The M.T.O. is standing behind the desk looking very serious. The snow drop looking smug, standing to attention at the side. "Well Usher I am going to deal with you very severely" said the Sub/lieutenant, then to the Snow drop "Right Corporal Ill deal with this you carry on". The Corporal saluted smartly glared at me and left. "Now Usher" says Subby, "Was he telling the truth"? "Most of it I say, I was in a bit of a hurry to get the spares back for the Chief Tiffy and must of forgot to watch my speedo". "Right" he said "Just watch it in future, now push off". And that was that. He didn't like MPs any more than I did. I found out much later the Snow Drop was from Stockton on Tees, not more than three miles from where I live. Just shows doesn't it?, give a man a white helmet and it goes straight to his head. Bry ©: B.Usher 28 Aug. 02


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