gallic humour

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gallic humour

shortly after Grapple, I was posted to open the new r.t. link, working Malta, Gibraltar and GCHQ from base arienne 115, Orange/Caritat S.France.

One day, whilst crouched over a hot morse key, there came a pounding of feet past the radio shack. Seemed that half the French air force was streaming out to the active runway for some reason.

What caused this was that the French sense of humour being to think it a huge joke if someone fell off a bike and broke a leg, they were gleefully racing out there to see what happened to the pilot of a Mystere IVA.
Seemed the IVA was prone to locking its nosewheel at the ninety degree angle just as it left the runway. This meant that the wheel would not retract properly and would also be a hazard when it next contacted the ground.
The buzzards had a field day anticipating a 'wizard prang', but fortunately this was ruined when the jet-jock pulled off a real daisy cutter of a landing, resulting in minimal damage to his aircraft.