My Dear late father

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My Dear late father

Hi my name is Avril Jones (nee) Johnson, and at present I live in France. I am trying to locate anyone who may have served alongside, or perhaps remembers my late father Alan (Johnny) Johnson. He was at that time with the Fire section on clean up duty, and according to his RAF service files, witnessed 4 detonations. He sadly passed away in 1988 aged 56 years. Leaving behind not only my mother and elder brother,( who was born prior to Christmas Island posting), but myself, my younger brother and younger sister, all concieved after. 

I am outraged that the government will still not accept responsibility for the loss of all the servicemen who died as a result of these tests, and will not pay compensation. When other countries have. I would rather my father was still here alive today, and be able to see his grandson, and now great grand daughter grow up. No amount of money could compensate me for that loss. There is still not a day goes by, without I think of him and miss him terribly, he was such a lovely man.

Due to massive family problems, I find that I only have three photographs of him. I know there were many photo slides taken whilst he served out there and in Aden and Gutersloh (Germany) as well as several British camps, as I recall seeing them when I was a child, but they have all been lost. I would love to speak to anyone who may have known him, and perhaps could give me more information as to what it was really like out there.

I can supply a list of all the other British camps that he was posted, and perhaps there are servicemen who may remember the later postings. I hope to hear from anyone who may be able to help.

Avril Jones