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did any of you have a problem with the crab population whilst out there?
Apart from the twice-nightly stomp across the tent floor, during which they used to rake their fighting claws down sleeping occupants backs, I found the official line on them very bizzare. word was that if whilst driving along, any of them were mowed down, you were supposed to get out and give 'em a decent burial.
since the silly so- n -so's would wave the big pincers at any oncoming vehicle, and refuse to dive for cover, any ten minute trip would have taken at least a half hour.
menace with the 'king-crabs', was that their hidey-holes were so big and close to the surface, it was common for us having a football game to disappear up to the waist down one of them whilst chasing the ball.
Ah -happy days!!
bri :(