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james harden
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Hello all,

I wasn't there but grew up learning all about christmas island as my dad served there. He has loads of slides which we used ot look at when I was a young boy. Unfortunetly they are in storage in South Africa and I live in the UK. I will make an attempt to get them over here so I can get some posted.

My dad was Brian Harden and if I recal was a radio operator.

He sdaly passed away in 2002 when his one of his stomach ulcers burst and the paramedics couldn't get enough nblood into him ot keep alive. he is sadly missed.

I would be intersted to know if any one knew him while in service.

I have his famous black pendant flag which I kept. I will take a pic some time and post it up.

all the best to all the Vets who were there.

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