Trying to find out which Grapple test my father was at

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Trying to find out which Grapple test my father was at


My father James Colligan was in RAF squadron 206 and witnessed a Grapple explosion on Xmas Island. I throught it was Grapple X he was at (8th Nov 1957) but in another forum he had posted and said he was in Xmas Island late 1956 and early 1957 for six months. He may have been mistaken. I can't ask him the details because he died on Feb 8th 2004 from a brain tumour from Cancer of Unknown Primary.

I would love to know if:

1 Anyone knew my father (what are your recollections?)

2. Did 206 squadron witness only one or more than one test (which ones)?

2. Which Grapple test  did he acutally witness with Squadron 206 (Date and  X, Y or Z)

3. Has any other veteran died or had Cancer of Unknown Primary.

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Grapple explosion on Xmas Island so the need is to share all your father stories on this forum because I know james colligan who is really brilliant man and this website provides nice instruction to all their user. Keep it up!