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Keith 'Geordi' Parvin

Hi, i have registered on this site on behalf of my dad Keith Parvin. He was in 240 squadron, played football and was on Easter Island for part of Operation Grapple. He would love to hear from anybody who remembers him...

Keith 'Geordi' Parvin

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Hi Keith

I was only a land-lubber working as radio op at JOC ( Joint operation communications ). But having a strong interest in aviation, I often flew as extra air-signaller on Shackeltons with I believe two different squadrons. One of them was 206 but can't remember what the other outfit was.
This was from Dec 1956 to Septemer 1957. Was your Dad there during that time?

Regards to you both, brian


brian curtis
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Hello My Dads name is Brian Curtis and he was in 59 Airfield construction squadron on Christmas Island, he's the one on the top row in the middle with a beret on in Tony Leylands group photo.

Anybody know him? Or where he could see any more from that camp...


Not sure how this works. Let me know



Brians Son. (he's still around by the way just a bit rubbish with technology..)