Veterans daughter

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Veterans daughter

I am a daughter of a veteran, my dad Brian coates was on Christmas Island and bombs where droped.
Heis still alive but suffers poor health, has had cancer.
I also have disabilatys,was born with left missing,fingers missing and have had a hip replacement due to congenital diformatys.

would like get in touch with others like myself

amanda coates

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Good Morning Amanda.
As the new site builds up, we hope that many other vets and their relatives will join us.
Sorry to hear about his poor health; please pass on to Brian our very best wishes..
Perhaps you could send details about Dad's service on the island in the form of anecdotes or photos? These can be added quite easily by yourself or if you need any advice in doing it, please let's know.

Regards - brian


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My Dad James Malley was also on christmas island. Sadly he passed away age 47. I too suffer medical problems mainly skeletal although I also have a bleeding problem. My brothers and sisters have all had problems. My mum has always blamed his service for dads early death unfortunately a post mortem was never done. My niece was recently found dead age 29 years the post showed that her pancreas was 2/3 abnormal but they have to have an inquest as they have no definate cause of death. I feel angry and scared as I have two children and fear for their well being

tracy malley