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One evening some of us had gathered to watch a film in the all-ranks bar area. I believe the film was called 'The Hunters', a movie about sabre flying at the time of Korea. In the middle of an action sequence there came a damn great explosion and flash of light from outside.
A Mystere IVA, returning from a night sortie, had spun in off the final turn and drove straight into the ground narrowly missing a nearby farmhouse.
Next day we went over to the crash site (must be getting bad habits from the French), and gaped at a hugh crater and lumps of still smouldering wreckage.
We were told later that the young pilot's only remains were a piece of scalp plastered inside his bone dome. To make matters even more tragic, he had only been at the base for a couple of months and left behind a wife and two kids.
The only theory as to the source of the crash was that he had become disorientated and allowed his airspeed to decay during that critical turn. It sounded very much as though the IVA was a bit like the Sabre in this respect. Both 'planes being relatively easy to handle, but a nasty habit of flicking onto their backs and nose diving at low airspeed.
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