halton apprentices

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halton apprentices

there was a strong rumour back in the fifties that all 'raf apprentices' were a bit strange.
one night in the all-ranks bar at BA115, we had been playing one of our favourite games, ie poker dice. this involved three players shaking the dice in turn; the one who shook 7 first got to order any volatile drink concoction such as red wine mixed with brandy, marie brizzard, etc etc in a water tumbler. person who got 14 was obliged to pay for it, and the fall-guy who got 21 had to drink it in one go.
after several 21's, this lad deceided it would be a good idea to closely examine the line of fighter jets parked on the nearby tarmac. these were enclosed behind high fences with a big iron gate at one end.
overlooking all this was a bunch of watch-towers manned by algerian recruits who were armed with sten type machine guns. they also had a reputation for shoot first and ask questions later, having recently mown down one of their officers who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
despite the agitated bellowing from one of these towers and the cocking sound of a weapon being primed, our halton-wonder kept insisting he wanted to pilot a jet.
staggering up astern i just managed to grab his leg as he reached the top of the gate. i was about ten stone wet through but fortunately he was even lighter. we both collapsed on the 'deck' amidst a torrent of foul french from the algerian who continued to brandish his gun whilst hopping up and down.
the nine-day clown later earned a 'life sentence' by marrying a french tart, being once again with strong waters taken.
wonder if the wonder survived that ??
:) :) bri