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Hi all

Sorry if I am posting in the wrong spot, but the notice said I am not allowed to post, but what the hell, I can't finish up on a fizzer now.
1960 - 61 73(Christmas Island)Sqn in the Plant Troop, was known as Wheels.
Have a son at Uni who is a wizard with websites, if you need help I will ask.
I'll sit back and hope for a response.

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Hi Rog,

Thanks for your message :)

The issue that was causing the notice you received, when trying to post, has now been resolved. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thanks for offering your son's services to the site. We would be grateful of any help he could offer :)

Whilst we are constantly working to improve the design of the site it is for the most part complete. It's the actual site content that has still to be completed. We have managed to copy most of the old site's content across to the new version but there is still quite alot to do. Most of our resources are now taken up with the Administration and Moderation of the site so we are really finding it difficult to finish the content.

So, any volunteers to help Moderate/Administrate the site or help with copying the content across from the old site would be very much appreciated.

~ Jo ~

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Hi again, sorry for slow response.
The LAD says he will help with transfering content or whatever is left to do. If you could send an email we will be able to arrange things

The moniker Wheels was 'given' due to another squaddie in the plant troop having the same surname and was known as Wagon.
As most people were known by their nicknames it is difficult to remember their real names but I do know that there was a Savage and Salvage.

I have a page of recollections which I will add to my signature.
Well, thats fifty years gone, now for another fifty :)