more gallic humour

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more gallic humour

one evening me and two others entered the local french fleapit in orange ( s.france). surrounded by the fragrance of garlic breath, we prepared to view the latest news.
one particularly sickening item concerned a demonstration deck-landing by one of the new Scimitar jet fighters on to an aircraft carrier.
sadly the arrester wire failed, and the aircraft toppled over into the ocean.
camera men amongst the assembled media raced to the deck side and got shots directly down into the cockpit. the incident got worse as the pilot, apparently unhurt, opened the canopy and appeared about to undo his harness prior to escaping.
for some unknown reason ( possibly having been concussed by the impact) he then closed the canopy as the 'plane sunk lower, and just sat there.
despite the frantic efforts of a naval rescue's crewman, dangling from a helicopter to smash-in the perspex with an axe, the aircraft disappeared taking the pilot with it.
i was apalled to hear amongst the audience a burst of applause and several pairs of hands clapping!
Another dark example of gallic humour, or maybe they forgot we'd just fought a war together??