Where has everyone gone ?

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Where has everyone gone ?

I don't check-in very often, but it seems that nothing has happened on the site for a long time. I hope you are all alright and keeping your collective chins up !
I still give talks to various groups about Britains' UK nuclear testing at Monte bello, Maralinga and Christmas island. Still getting a very enthusiastic response. More people now aware of what we did in the 50's and 60's.
Regards, Tom Kelly (ATC 1958-60)

On Xmas Island Mar 58-Jan 59 (Grapple Y and Z)then returned in Oct 59 until Apr 1960. First visit tents and H bombs; second time wooden huts and a life of leisure.

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Hi Tom-no problem. There was a shedload of work involved in reformatting the site to eliminate the original problem of 'domino effect'.
This meant that any change to one page resulted in changes to all the others. It's proved a mamoth task to sort that out. Also, all the pics have had to be redone ( for space-saving purposes) both in thumbnail and full size formats. Umpteen hours involved there!!
Should be ready to 'go live' quite soon now.