BBC Desert Island Discs, Seventy Years Celebration.

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Late in 2011, The BBC announced in 2012 Desert Island Discs would be celebrating Seventy Years of the Radio 4's Programme. In the announcement the public were asked as a person to write details of a situation that a record would give memories of. I wrote in by E-mail giving details that I spent time on Christmas Island, North Pacific. The record I would like, The Christmas Island Song, written by Lyle Moraine in 1946. I had heard the song sung by Jimmy Buffett. The Song had been recorded by several artists. The Andrew Sister's and Dickie Valentine. It is the latter recording that the BBC used in the recording I made for Radio Norfolk Programme. The wording In the picture portrays the celebration recording at the studio. Thank you BBC Radio Norfolk, for the invitation for me to cover a little of my experiences' on a Desert Island, along with other fellows of the forces.