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A Night At The “Flicks”

Amongst the multitude of activities available on the Rock one brings back some excellent memories. A night at the Flicks. An evening at “The Blue Lagoon Cinema” ( see photo ) Not your actual Odeon or Gaumont, but in retrospect, you couldn’t get away with our antics in either of those two establishments. To start with a brief description of this Palace of Visual Pleasure. It was open air. In other words they were too bloody tight to supply a roof.

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The nuclear 'guinea pigs'

Ken McGinley, one of two ex-servicemen seeking compensation for being made to witness nuclear explosions in the South Pacific, has failed in his legal bid against the government. But what did the thousands of young soldiers experience on Christmas Island 40 years ago?


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Nuclear test veterans lose legal battle

Veterans of British nuclear tests in the Pacific in the 1950s have lost their latest effort to establish whether their human rights were violated by the government of the day.


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Fijian N-test veteran sues UK

A Fijian veteran present during UK nuclear testing on Christmas Island in the late 1950s has filed for compensation with the European court of Human Rights.