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Chris Fish's picture

Evening View.


View one evening across one of the Lagoons.

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Silhouettes in early evening.


Myself in forground and Colin Grantham in distance.  Taken in early 1960.


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Dave Michel


Dave Michel blending into dead foliage of the Coconut Trees.

Chris Fish's picture

Bird in the nest.


A Booby Bird in its nest.

Chris Fish's picture

Turn in Hand


Dave Michel with a Black Turn.



Chris Fish's picture

Turn in Flight


One Turn of many in flight.

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Black Turns


Ian Tabraham in among a coloney of Turns.

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Flowers on Shrub


Flowers on one of the many shrubs.

Did you know Squadron Leader Gerry Law from 240 Squadron?


Sqd Ldr Gerry Law was my Dad and I was hoping somebody might remember him from Christmas Island. He flew his Shackleton out of Ballykelly on the day I was born 10th May 1957.

If anyone has any memories of him at Christmas Island, Ballykelly (or Gibraltar or Singapore where he was also stationed at) and better still photos I'd love to hear from you at mike@walking-books.com


Many thanks,


Bob Morrison's picture

BBC R4 Prog on Xmas Island

Interesting short article on a return visit to the Island  by a BBC correspondent. Link here - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b036j3qh