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Here is a link to the official Operation Grapple film, made in 1956.!  Were you there - are you in it?    http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/1060020933


Brian (Twink) Longworth

My father was a Cpl with 28 Field Engineer Regiment on Christmas Island between June 65 and March 57.  He died in 1981 as a regular serving Captain. His nickname was or became Twink. I am hoping that someone somewhere might have known my father, got a few stories to tell or even better got some photographs of him.  He received a BEM for his services on Op Grapple for being in command of a section operating one of the asphalt mixing machines during the construction of the main runway of the airbase on Christmas Island.

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Sunset over Christmas Island.

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Evening View.


View one evening across one of the Lagoons.

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Silhouettes in early evening.


Myself in forground and Colin Grantham in distance.  Taken in early 1960.


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Dave Michel


Dave Michel blending into dead foliage of the Coconut Trees.

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Bird in the nest.


A Booby Bird in its nest.

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Turn in Hand


Dave Michel with a Black Turn.



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Turn in Flight


One Turn of many in flight.

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Black Turns


Ian Tabraham in among a coloney of Turns.