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mick keelan

does anyone remember my dad michael keelan could have been known as mick or paddy. royal engineers. 1962 1963


hI . i AM tom davitt. Christmas Island 58/59. with 12 field sqdn re. We built the fuel tanks near the port, Searing heat and blistes bigger than eggs. Self inflicted wounds. I think there were 7 test during this period.2 or 3 N and rest A. No protection. Sat on beach , backs to the explosion , wait for the wind and turn around to watch the mushroom. There were only tented accom. at the port and in main camp . A week in Honolulu midterm, Thankfully no after effects . So many did suffer.

Will come back if i remember any thing else.

Ground Radar Fitters

Alan James Baxendale

Christmas Island Alan James Baxendale

This is an old photo of my Father (second from the left) Alan James Baxendale who was a ground radar fitter on Christmas Island during the tests.

I have no other information on the photo or who the others are but thought it might be useful...

If you have any other info it owuld be appreciated.


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New Bulletin of Nuclear Veterans and Children

There is a new bulletin being printed for Nuclear Veterans and their Families.  The third issue has just been printed, if you would like copies of these bulletins send me your e-mail address and I will send them to you.   I wanted to upload them here but there are not the facilities to do so.

All the best


Dave Whyte

RAOC Laundry

Hi ,I  just want to  introduce myself :   Stan Trout     Ex  RAOC Laundry Unit on the Island 57/58.  I haven't seen anyone who was in the Unit.

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The drivers  of the coaches had their own header board names.  ALS TOURIST SPECIAL

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Your's truly sat in the cab of the Bedford SL type, Sulage Bowser.

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Welcome to my door of Room 4, Block 7, Main Camp, Christmas Island.  Three of us shared this room like other rooms fellows were two to three to a room.

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Honolulu Airport, 1959. We watch the aircraft movements and the Boeing 707 in foreground, while we wait to board once again our Eagle Airways D.C. 6, for the last part of the journey to Christmas Island.