Douglas Meikle

Further improvements

Later stage of tent improvement; note the garden fence. We did plant a couple of coconut palms hoping they would grow fast enough for us to sling a hammock

Gourmets delight

Lived like kings didn't we?

Menu 1968

Front page of Menu

Tent city 2

Another view of "Tent City"

Beer garden

View of the N.A.A.F.I Beer Garden. Life was now beginning to get really civilized following the supply of the latest "designer" garden furniture.


That's me in "Jankers" uniform. Smart huh!! I got 14 days reporting to the Guardhouse along with a couple of other guys for reporting back one day late from 2 weeks leave in Hawaii.


Bit of a story about this one. The only way we could get our hook (very scarce) back was to kill the unfortunate beast and cut out the hook. We discovered this was a pregnant female shark due to give birth. We did the necessary by knotting the umbilical cords on the live baby sharks and releasing them safely back into the sea. A few months later we read an article in a USA magazine about some marine biologists who had successfully performed what was claimed to have been the worlds first caesarian section on a shark-------Believe that if you will!!!!


Small fry!


Tent with some modificationsto make it more habitable. Note superior wooden sides: pallet timber obtained from any legal/illegal source. The Army tents were far superior. I am still convinced we in the RAF were being tested to see how we could survive on minimal facilities


This was the second official blazer badge I owned. There was a previous badge but this has been lost in the mist of time. Unfortunate; because although to a similar design it was a really superior example of the badge makers skill.